The New Shelf

Duck and Hippo in the Rainstorm

Duck and Hippo may be completely different, but they are best friends. When playful Duck invites careful Hippo to go for a walk in the rain, they have trouble sharing Duck's umbrella. But Duck and Hippo won't let that stop them!

Written by Jonathan London.

How to Draw Duck and Hippo

One Little Goat

It starts with one little goat. It ends with one little goat. But what happens in between is a whirlwind of fun and nonsense.

Written by Ursula Dubosarsky. (based on the traditional Aramaic song 'Had Gadya').

Ursula and Argus read One Little Goat (Video) 

One Little Goat Board Game

Blue, the Builder's Dog

Meet Blue, the Builder's Dog. On the construction site, he's part of the team. He guards the tools, signs the concrete slabs and keeps stickybeaks away. 

But Blue doesn't have a house of his own. The builder has one. The chippie has one. The architect and the big bosses have one. So he decides to quit and build one himself . . .

Written by Jen Storer.