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Boris books 1 to 4 published in the US by Scholastic as part of the Branches series.

You'll never be bored when Boris is around! With his big dreams and super-sized imagination, anything is possible – and adventure is guaranteed.

Boris is an enthusiastic and mischievous warthog with an adventurous streak. He lives in a converted old bus with his parents and wants to explore the world, own a pet Komodo Dragon and win Best Carrot Cake at the Hogg Bay Show. 

Boris and his friends feature in six hilarious full-colour short chapter books. The easy-to-read chapter books with a picture book feel are ideal for the transition to independent reading. Full colour illustrations on every page, comic-style speech balloons and a fun activity at the back of every book.


Boris (Book 1)
Boris lives with his Mum and Dad in Hogg Bay. Their home is a bus that once travelled all over the world but now stays put in their garden.  Boris wishes the bus would travel again . . . Then, one morning, Boris feels a jolt while he is eating his breakfast.  Could it be?  Is the bus really moving?  Is Boris on an adventure at last?

Boris Gets a Lizard (Book 2)
Boris has lots of pets.. All he's missing is his favourite animal, a Komodo dragon - the biggest lizard in the world!  If only Boris could get one to come to Hogg Bay. But how?  What Boris needs is a plan . . .

Ready, Set, Boris (Book 3)
It's Sports Day and Boris is ready to run like he's never run before. He wants to beat Eddie, who always wins everything. All Frederick wants is not to come last—again. Who will make it across the finish line first?  Ready, set . . . 

Boris Sees the Light (Book 4)
Boris is having a sleepover! He's camping in the backyard with Frederick and Alice. They are not one bit scared of the dark. No way . . . But what is that strange light moving around outside the tent?

Boris on Show (Book 5)
Boris is off to the show! It's the Hogg Bay Show and Boris is excited.  He has entered everything from Best Pumpkin to Best Pet, and he's even baked his own carrot cake. All Boris wants is to win first prize. But Frank the sheep has other ideas . . .  

Slow Down Boris (Book 6)
Boris is excited! The whole class is going on a school excursion to the city. They're visiting the museum, the park and the Road Safety School. There's so much to see and do, and Boris wants to try everything – including a big red bike that looks like it could go really fast . . . 

An early reader shaped just like a chapter book: What's not to love?
Kirkus Review (Starred) Best Children's Books of 2013
The Boris books are simply told, adventure-packed stories . . . perfect to engage even the most reluctant younger readers.
Chapter picturebooks with simple, clear text and speech balloons, and ending with a relevant make-at-home craft project, Boris’s adventures make an ideal start to independent reading.
Adelaide Advertiser
Joyner moves effortlessly between small written sections and big illustrations with comic style text. Really gorgeous. . . . But above all, they’re just ridiculously fun boy books.
Elizabeth Bird, Fuse 8
I just adore this little warthog . . . and these attractive books by the talented Andrew Joyner are in a format I adore - because they are so readable and so much fun.
Kids' Book Review

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