Garcia and Colette Go Exploring


written by Hannah Barnaby

Putnam and Sons / Penguin Random House US 2017

Harper Collins Australia 2017

Exploring outer space and the ocean is exciting, but what if you left something very important at home?

Best friends Garcia and Colette are eager to go exploring, only they can’t agree on where to go. Garcia loves everything about space (Stars! Planets!)­ and Colette is obsessed with the sea (Waves! Fish!). Staying home is not an option, so they each get busy. Garcia builds a rocket ship that’s snazzy and silver. Colette’s shiny submarine is perfect for deep-sea dives. And they wish each other well on their travels. It turns out the Milky Way really is amazing and the ocean floor is truly spectacular, but Garcia and Colette both realize they left something very important back home.

Exploring your favourite place can be terrific, but maybe the company is more important than the destination.

The full-speed-ahead enthusiasm of Garcia and Colette is infectious. Telling one story well is enough of a challenge, but this book perfectly balances two stories and the characters within them, adding up to more than the sum. Kirkus, starred review
Barnaby has penned an entertaining picture book celebrating creative play and togetherness. School Library Journal
This heart-warming story celebrates difference and champions friendship. Reading Time