One Little Goat

written by Ursula Dubosarsky

Little Hare / Hardie Grant Egmont 2017

It starts with one little goat. It ends with one little goat. But what happens in between is a whirlwind of nonsense and fun.

Based on the traditional Aramaic song 'Had Gadya' and starring, among others, a girl, her dad, a goat, a cat, a dog, a stick, a fire, a bucket of water, a jogging ox, a tiny butcher and a very mysterious stranger. 




With a touch of The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, One Little Goat piles calamity upon small disaster as a dog, a stick, fire, water, a buffalo, a butcher and more seek to capitalise on the chaos. Repetition and a drumming rhythm are the text’s essential ingredients, while Joyner’s familiar retro-styled images bring the snap and crackle to match each twist and turn in the rhyme. (It also needs to be said that the baby goat is quite adorable.) 
Mike Shuttleworth, Books and Publishing